Direct Sales Companies – To Sell or Not to Sell???

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        Top Direct Sales Companies – Is it Worth Getting Back into Direct Sales?

 Well, I have a direct sales party coming up that I was invited to, and it got me thinking more about all the different direct sales companies out there. I mean, there are tons of them out there and I only know of a few. So, I got to wondering, “Which ones are the most popular? Which ones are the most successful? Which ones are easy to get into?”

I know a little bit about direct sales because I used to sell Avon. I think it is probably one of the cheapest ones to get into. It’s only $10 to start selling, and that’s for the paperwork. I did okay, mostly selling to family. I just never could get into pushing products on people in this economy that they just didn’t really need. Then, Avon started charging reps a little more for shipping(which was sometimes more than what I would profit from sales), so I decided just to give it up.

Although, lately I’ve been thinking more about it again, and which company would best fit me.  So, I have looked up some of the most popular direct sales companies to share with all of you if you are thinking about getting into the direct sales business. 

Thirty One – They sell bags and totes, etc. that can also be embroidered.  Very popular right now.

It is $99 to join with a kit and you receive 25% off on personal sales


Tastefully Simple This company sells different types of food mixes like beer bread, cakes mixes, dips, sauces, etc. I love attending these parties because who doesn’t like to sample all kinds of delicious foods?  

It is $170 to join with a kit and you receive 30% off on personal sales


Mary Kay –  Everyone knows what Mary Kay is, but incase you don’t it is a company that sells make up and cleansers and such.  Probably, the top make up direct sales company.

It is $100 to join with a kit and you receive 50% off on personal sales


Lia Sophia – This company sells different kinds of jewelry…even some little girl jewelry. 

I could find how much it costs to join with Lia Sophia but I did find you receive 30% off on personal sales


Tupperware – This company sells things like kitchen containers and food containers and things like that. 

It is $99 to join and you receive  25-35% on your personal sales


Pampered Chef – They sell different kinds of kitchen tools, equipment, and accessories.  If you have a passion for cooking you would LOVE Pampered Chef.

It is $80 to join with a mini kit and $159 for a regular kit. Your percentage off starts at 20% depending on your amount of sales


These are just some of the ones I could think of off the top of my head.  I hope this helps any of you who are thinking about getting into direct sales.  Now the question is – “Should I get back into it?? Is it really worth it??”  Please let me know if you decide to get into any certain company and how you like it.  I would love the feedback 🙂  Also, let me know of other companies you might be a part of that I didn’t name and maybe some information about them.  



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