Hello everyone!  I must say I am not a writer or even that creative for the most part, but I really wanted to create a place I could share three of my most favorite things to do: reading, cooking, and crafting.  Of course, I’ll throw in some other things too from time to time (real life).  I am very passionate about books, and  I am ALWAYS reading a new book…..or an old book. Another thing I am always trying new things with is cooking.  I’ll admit it.  I am NO chef, and I will assure you my blog will probably not have the pictures most have of their wonderful dishes and  how beautiful they turned out.  Of course, I can only hope mine would, but I am only human.  I am happy if they taste good…looks are a bonus 🙂 also, it is about the fun to me. Books are fun, cooking is fun, and crafting is fun!  I really hope this website can give people what I have been looking for….to meet people with the same love for books, life, and cooking as me.


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