Bedtime Checklist Chart for Kids

Bedtime Checklist Chart for Kids

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My kids tend to drive me crazy when I’m trying to get them to clean up after themselves or do their homework.  I mean, how many times to I have to tell them to pick something up or clean something before I LOSE MY MIND? Well, I didn’t want to find out so I decided to try and make all of these things more interesting and fun for them. I decided to make a “Bedtime Checklist”. Notice I called it a CHECKLIST and not a CHORE CHART. There are 2 main reasons for this:

1. Kids HATE chores. Bedtime Checklist sounds MUCH better. More fun too 🙂 Also, it isn’t all of the chores that they help me with. I don’t want to be limited on what I ask my kids to help me out with around the house. I’m not saying I work my kids to death, but everyday is different and so are the chores I need help with. The last thing I want to hear is, “Mommy, that’s not on my Chore Chart. Why do I have to do that?” I want them to learn to help out around the house with whatever it is that needs to be done, not a chart that they look at and feel like they HAVE to do.

2. It’s not really a chore chart. I’ve tried the chore chart  with rewards and the kids honestly kind of enjoyed it. Truthfully though, it was too much for me to keep up with. I really got into it when I was making the chore chart initially. I thought of every chore I could think of I wanted my kids to do everyday or every week, and I put it together with such I hopes. The kids were excited about it at first and so was I.  Then, it just became way too much. I couldn’t keep up with it all. I mean I didn’t have the time to keep up with it. I would be cleaning doing my own chores and the kids would be like, “Mommy, I cleaned my table. Move my magnet!” or “Mommy, I fed the dog. Move my magnet!” or “Mommy, I picked up my dirty clothes. Move my magnet!” If I was in the middle of doing something like cooking, cleaning, or work for my preschool job or my online hair bow shop I was expected to drop everything that instant and mve their magnet. If I didn’t then all I heard was,  ‘Move my magnet. Mommy? Move my magnet. Mommy? Mommy? MOVE MY MAGNET” Ugh. Then I got the bright idea to move their chore chart to where they could reach it themselves so they could move them. Well, that ended up with magnets on the floor, magnets moved to the DONE column when they hadn’t completed that chore, or my kids fighting saying the other one moved THEIR magnet. Double ugh.

So, I came up with the Bedtime Checklist. I hung one of these outside each of their bedrooms with their names on them. I have a To Do column and a Done column. I have only added the most important things to me and my family on them. I don’t want to add too many things because it becomes too cluttered and overwhelming. Like I said before, I expect my children to help out around the house without feeling like they have to or it’s a chore. They should want to help out. It’s their home too. That’s what I’m working on teaching them anyway 🙂 So, the tasks on each of their checklists are: Homework, Pick up dirty clothes, Clean Room (We try to keep their rooms cleaned and picked up daily), Bath, PJ’s on, and teeth brushed. These are things that work best for my family. You could change these to fit with your family if you want. I also used pictures to represent each task on the checklist.

How it works: Very simple. Every night they have to complete all of the tasks in the To Do column to get to move them to the Done column. There. That simple. They get surprisingly excited about moving their own magnets every night, and there aren’t many so it keeps it fairly simple. It’s also a reasonable expectation for them to complete these everyday. Now, I will admit some days they don’t complete everything. They might not get their room cleaned up completely or forgot to pick up some dirty clothes. Do I not let them go to bed? No, of course I don’t make them stay up. This is where I simply take something away the next day like video game time or something like that. It’s good incentive for them to finish everything on their checklist. Another great incentive is each other. My kids are extremely competitive and when one sees the other get to move a magnet and they don’t it makes them very motivated to make sure they get that task done the next day. Now, bath, PJ’s, and teeth being brushed are a given to happen every night, I don’t have to worry about them not moving a magnet there, but it does put an extra pep in their step to getting it done more quickly. Last, in the morning when I wake them up they move their magnets back to the To Do column and we do it all over again.

I hope you liked my Bedtime Checklist idea, and let me know if you do. I would love to hear from you!! Here are the steps I used to make them:

  1. I bought the baking pans from the Dollar Tree for $1 each!
  2. I went online and found some clip art and fonts for free for personal use. That is how I made the tops with their names and favorite cartoon characters.
  3. I went to Word and made the simple To Do and Done columns.
  4. I cut everything to the size I would need to fit the pans.
  5. I found free clip art (for personal use) to match the tasks I needed to be completed on my chart. If you have a laminator or have accress to one I highly suggest that you laminate them. If you don’t just use clear packing tape. This works just as good.
  6. Place magnets on the back of your pictures for your tasks. (You can get a roll of magents with the sticky side for very cheap at Walmart or many other places.)
  7. I had my husband drill 2 holes in the handle on one side of each of the pans.
  8. Last, I added the ribbion to hang them. I had the ribbon already on hand, but ribbon is very cheap pretty much anywhere.

(My PJ task isn’t in these pictures because we later incorporated that task per my children’s request)

IMG_20150226_184705720_HDR  IMG_20150226_184717793_HDR IMG_20150226_184724186_HDR IMG_20150226_184731351_HDR


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