DIY Homemade Hand/Body Scrub


If you are wanting to make an EASY DIY body/hand/foot scrub… then this is the easiest instructions ever!!! I made this myself for the first time ever within like 5 minutes. I needed something for my sister’s birthday present, and I thought some kind of body scrub would be perfect. What woman wouldn’t want that!?! If you go to the upscale body and bath stores these scrubs can be sooo expensive. So I decided why not just make it myself? Making it myself made it so much more affordable. So, here it goes…

What you will need:                                  IMG_20150216_180026406

  • Sugar ( I guess any kind will do. I just used plain old regular white sugar)
  • Coconut Oil (Not sure why coconut oil, but most places I read about scrubs said to use coconut oil. You should be able to find this at any local grocery store)
  • Some kind of container for it go in (I used a small mason jar)
  • Optional – Scented Hand Softening Hand Soap/Scented Body Wash (These are optional. See below for optional ingredients)

Those are the main 2 ingredients really. You can make a perfectly good scrub with just those 2 things. Although, you can always pretty it up a bit. Here are some options.

Optional Decorative Ingredients:

  • Essential Scented Oils (to make your scrub smell just the way you want)
  • Food Coloring (to give your scrub the perfect color)

I did not have either of the 2 optional ingredients above, so I had to get creative. I used a scented body wash for the body scrub and a scented liquid hand soap for the hand scrub. Both of these ingredients also had a color to them, so it made my scrubs have some color too. So, I killed 2 birds with one stone with those ingredients. The body wash/hand soap gave my scrub a pretty smell and a pretty color all within a low-budget. Food coloring and essential oils can be expensive especially if you don’t already have some on hand to use. So…


  • Scented and colorful hand soap/body wash           IMG_20150216_180523892

Now for the directions:

(I do not have exact measurements of each thing I used. I just kind of eyed it and added some of each ingredient until it was to the consistency that I liked. I think this is the best way to do it because some people make like it thicker and more dry, where some may like it a tad more wet and liquid.


  1. Melt the coconut oil in the microwave (if yours isn’t already melted)
  2. Add sugar until you get the consistency that you like. (Keep adding coconut oil and sugar until you get it the way you like it.)
  3. Add whatever optional decorative ingredient you chose. (Food coloring, essential Scented oil, or body wash/hand soap. Mix them in to fit the consistency that you like.)
  4. Add your scrub to the jar or container that you chose and you are finished! What a great, easy, and affordable gift!!!
  5. Optional – Add a label to it!! I just went onto Pinterest and found mason jar labels that I could edit with the type of scrubs I made. You can find all kinds of different free labels there to use!

IMG_20150216_180311436 IMG_20150216_180345085_HDR


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