Grinch Juice

Grinch Juice

 Christmas 2013 and Dollywood 194

 This was a huge hit at my house this Christmas!  I made the little ones their Grinch Juice to drink while they watched the Grinch movie.  They loved it and it was so much fun!!! You can also use this for other things too like Shrek or Hulk  themed parties.  You can even change the color of the sorbet to fit your themed get together of party., and it’s SUPER easy!


  • Lemon/Lime soda
  • Green sorbet (or color of your choice)

Christmas 2013 and Dollywood 193


  1. Put 1 or 2 scoop or your sorbet in a glass
  2. Add soda

(I scoop out the bubbles because it will bubble up)

That’s it!!! Enjoy!!


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