Halloween Spider Web Snack

If you need a very simple Halloween treat that looks complicated, this is it!

This is perfect for a Halloween school snack, a Halloween party, or just to make at home with your kids for fun! Ok, let’s start with what you’ll need:


Spider Webs

  • Chocolate of some kind(I used brown chocolate almond bark, but you can use chocolate chips too. You can even use white chocolate to make the web white. I honestly would have preferred my webs to have been white so that my chocolate spiders would’ve stuck out a lot more, but I didn’t have any on hand)
  • Stick pretzels


  • M&M’s
  • Brown chocolate
  • White frosting (with a decorative tip for gluing eyes)
  • Edible eyes (available at Walmart in the wedding/party section)
  • Icing bags or icing bottles with small tip opening ( either if these are available at Walmart for cheap)
  • Wax paper


  1. First, we will get ready to melt our chocolate. Take a pan (I used one of my skillet pans) and fill about half way with water. Then take a small pot that will fit inside your skillet or I used a small metal bowl. Place your skillet filled with water on your stovetop and turn to about medium heat. Then place your small pot or metal bowl in your skillet on top of the water to where it is floating(this method will melt your chocolate without burning it)
  2. Take your brown or white chocolate for the webs and cut into small pieces (if not already in small pieces) and place them in the small pot or bowl. The amount of chocolate each person uses can be different so just keep adding chocolate as you need it. The water should be simmering or lightly boiling. The chocolate should melt quickly. Be sure to stir it frequently.
  3. Set out a baking pan and place a piece of wax paper on it that is the length of the pan
  4. Take your pretzels and make what looks like a six pointed star. (If you want your spider webs very large then you would use 6 pretzel sticks. I made mine about the size of my palm. So, I had one regular size pretzel lying horizontally, and  I broke 2 in half and placed 2 halves at the top two points and 2 halves at the bottom two points. (So that was 3 pretzel sticks in all for the smaller web)
  5. Once, your chocolate is melted, spoon it into one of your icing bags/bottles and you will make 3 circles with the chocolate going around the circumference of the pretzels. I started with the small inner circle first and worked my way out to the outer one. Place webs in the fridge to set.
  6. While the webs are in the fridge you need to melt some more brown chocolate. If you were using white chocolate for the webs you now need to melt some brown chocolate. You just have to melt a little at a time because the amount you use may vary.
  7. Now we are going to work on the spiders. Spoon some more melted chocolate into a new icing bag/bottle. You are going to want to squeeze very gently to make the legs because it will turn into a big blob of you squeeze too hard. Just begin each of the 8 legs in the same place and you will have enough chocolate in the middle to place your M&M.
  8. Now place your M&M’s on the spider legs. Place the spiders in the fridge to set. It only take about 5-10 minutes. (Make sure you still have some brown chocolate melting on the stove.)
  9. After 5-10 minutes take your webs and spiders out of the fridge. Spoon some more melted chocolate into an icing bag/bottle. (You will probably want it to be brown chocolate because it will be under the spiders and you won’t be able to see it as much) Squeeze some melted chocolate onto the middle of the pretzel spiderweb (where all the pretzels meet together) in a circle. I did this just to give it a little more stability so it doesn’t fall apart too easily.
  10. Once the chocolate has cooled down a little but NOT COMPLETELY hardened, add the spiders on top of the chocolate. (You want the chocolate to cool a little because if it is too hot when you add the spiders the spiders legs will melt, and if you wait until it’s hardened too much the spiders will not stick to the web.)
  11. Take your white frosting and make 2 dots in the center of the M&M. Then place 1 candy eye on each frosting dot. You don’t have to refrigerate these after this, but I did just to make sure the chocolate and frosting under the eyes have hardened well so nothing falls apart.
  12. Last, enjoy!!

Okay….. Okay. I know that that was a lot of steps, but once you get the hang of what you’re doing it really doesn’t take that long. It is also pretty simple for them to look so cute and festive.

I hope you enjoyed these and please let me know if liked them!!

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