Halloween Vampire Donuts


What a fun and SUPER easy Halloween treat for your kids class, to take to work, or even to enjoy at home!!


  • Glazed donuts
  • Plastic vampire teeth (I got mine at Walmart or you can probably get them at any party store)
  • Edible candy eyes (I also got these at Walmart in the party and cake decorating section)
  • Frosting of any color in a squeeze tube with a pointed tip (For gluing on the eyes)


I would strongly suggest that you add the eyes beforehand and don’t add the teeth until right before serving them or sending them to school. I put the teeth in the night before, and they started off more closed and not so wide open . Although, the longer they sat the more the teeth would open wider (They ended up looking like they were screaming in terror) and the donuts started ripping a little as you can see in the pictures. So, I would have the eyes already applied and then add the teeth in the morning before school.

  • Take your frosting and squeeze two dots above the hole in the middle of the donut
  • Take your edible eyes and apply them on top of the frosting
  • Add the vampire teeth to the center of the donut where the hole is. You have to fold the teeth in half first and then squeeze he corners of the teeth together to get the teeth to fit in the hole.

Easy Peasy!!

Also, I just used the box the donuts came in to send them to school in. Perfect! That way I didn’t have to worry about getting my container back from the school.

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