Preschool Happenings

Christmas Stocking out of Felt

I used glue and glitter for the name

You can get the pattern at this website!

Christmas 2013 and Dollywood 012

Rudolph Handprint

Christmas 2013 and Dollywood 004

Handprint Christmas Tree

Christmas 2013 and Dollywood 003

Thumb Print Candy Cane

Christmas 2013 and Dollywood 001 Christmas 2013 and Dollywood 002

Footprint and Handprint Turkey

crafts and clemson pics 004

Fingerprint Corn

crafts and clemson pics 006

Here is the template

Handprint Turkey with Poem

  crafts and clemson pics 011crafts and clemson pics 009

Fall Leaf Painting

crafts and clemson pics 012

Fall Leaf Wreath


crafts and clemson pics 014

My Thankful Turkey

crafts and clemson pics 001

Pilgrim House

cousins 005

Mayflower Handprint

Super easy!  Paint a white piece of construction paper blue, and then you paint the child’s hand brown to add their handprint Mayflower to the paper.  Last, cut out some Mayflower mast for their finger tips. I used triangles instead of the more square shape because that was our shape for the month.

 cousins 002


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